DSW User Guide

Knowledge Model

Not sure how to allow public view of your KM so even unlogged-in users can see them?

Public Knowledge Model

Click on the "Settings" on the Dashboard.
Then click on the "Knowledge Models" section.
You can change the settings for Knowledge Models now.
Now fill out the info about the Knowledge Model that you want to be publicly shared.
Note that Organization ID is required in order to make the Knowledge Model publicly available. Knowledge Model ID is not required but if not specified all Knowledge Models from the organization will be publicly available. Min and max versions indicate the version of the Knowledge Model and it is not required. If the version is not specified all versions of the Knowledge Model will be publicly available.
To finish changing the settings don't forget to click on the "Save" button!

Share the Preview with Anybody (even unlogged-in users)

Go to the Knowledge Models section.
Go to the Knowledge Model of which preview you would like to share.
Click on the Preview and copy the link of the Preview. Anybody with the link can view the Knowledge Model now.
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