Add Question
Not sure how to add a question to the questionnaire or what type to choose?

Add Question

Either Add a new Chapter to the Knowledge Model or Edit some current one.
Types of Questions you can add:
Options - It is possible to choose one answer from the close list of answers and also to add a follow-up question to each answer
List Of Items - Multiple items of the same type where each item has the same set of questions.
Value - Simple value that users fill out. The question can be in a type of String, Date, Number, or Text.
Integration - Similar to Value, but the answers can be taken from external resources such as FAIRsharing, Crossref (funders), ROR (organizations), or Wikidata.
Multi-Choice - it is possible to choose more than one answers from the options
Then click on "Add question".
Then you can define: Type of the question, Name of the question, When this question becomes desirable, Tags, Answers, References, and Experts.
To finish creating the new question, don't forget to click on the "Save button".
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