DSW User Guide

Create Project Template

Not sure how to create a Project Template?
Project Templates are templates pre-created by data stewards that should simplify the DMP creation process for researchers. Data steward can set default Knowledge Model, document template, and even pre-fill parts of the questionnaire and thus make the DMP creation for researchers much easier. This feature has to be allowed by an administrator of the organization first, then the specific Project can be enabled as Project Template by the data steward. Researchers then can choose if they want to create their Project from scratch (Custom) or from the Template.
Go to the Project Settings of the Project that you want to make a template from.
Then enable the "Template Project" function.
To finish creating the Project Template don't forget to click on the "Save" button!
Now the Project can be used as a Project Template by other users.
If you decide not to share the Project Template any more, you can disable the function anytime.