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About DSW

What is Data Stewardship Wizard and how it can help you and your research?


Data Stewardship Wizard is a joint ELIXIR CZ and ELIXIR NL project bringing a simple but powerful solution for researchers to help them understand what is needed for a good, FAIR-oriented Data Stewardship, and to help them to build their own Data Management Plans. The Data Stewardship Wizard can also function as a checklist for data management professionals, like the checklists used by pilots before each flight.
DSW workflow


The main driver for the DSW is now to offer a convenient helpful tool for data stewards and researchers. Given limited funding, we focus on this mission now. However, from a long-term perspective, the richness of knowledge contained in the Wizard definitively calls for being FAIR. On this page, we track the progress of compliance with the FAIR principles.

Machine-Actionable DMPs

We are part of the initiative #activeDMPs. Here, we will post updates on concrete steps, mostly with the respect to the identified use cases. The work on this front will continue according to our available capacity and funding.

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