Knowledge Models Settings#

Public Knowledge Models#

If we want to let users to see and browse certain Knowledge Models (specifically, visit the KM detail and the KM preview) even if not logged in, we can enable Public Knowledge Models. Then, we need to specify Allowed Packages, e.g. which ranges of verions of a certain knowledge model will be publicly available. A blank value serves as any value, for example, if we fill the Organization ID and Knowledge Model ID but leave Min Version and Max Version, it will result in all version of that knowledge model to be public.

Integration Config#

The integrations specified in Knowledge Models can use configuration values (typicaly secrets such as API keys or tokens) from YAML configuration specified in integration.yml file or the content specified here under Integration Config. The value here can be for example:

    apiKey: topSecretDBaseApiKey
    apiUrl: https://api.dbase.example:10666


This configuration value is encrypted in the database.