Knowledge Model Editors#

Here, we can see a list of all knoweldge model editors. Everyone with the data steward role assigned can see all the knowledge model editors.


List of knowledge model editors.#

We can use the search field to search for a specific KM editor. The editors are sorted by when they were last updated but we can change that.

We can create a new knowledge model editor by clicking the Create button.

By clicking the triple dots on each of the item in the list we can access some actions:

  • Open Editor - simply open the editor detail

  • Upgrade - if there is a newer version of parent knowledge model, we can use upgrade action to start a knowledge model migration, otherwise the action is not visible

  • Publish - to publish a new version of the knowledge model

  • Delete - to delete the knowledge model editor (cannot be undone)

If there is an ongoing knowledge model migration, there are different actions:

  • Continue migration

  • Cancel migration

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