A project is a central part of where we work on our data management plans. It is based on a knowledge model and uses one or more document template for generating documents.

Projects are fully collaborative, so we can share them with other researchers and work together.


The questionnaire is part of the project where we fill in our answers. It is generated based on the selected knowledge model. It shows only the questions that are relevant based on our previous answers. There are many more features to provide guidance and embrace collaboration, such as FAIR metrics, comments, TODOs, or version history.

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The outcome of our endeavors in DSW should be the data management plan, the document. Once we have enough answers to the questionnaire, we can generate a document using a document template. These documents are saved within the project. We can create as many as we wish with different document templates and formats. We can also set up a default document template for the project and quickly see a preview of the document.

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