Step: archive#

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Step that puts file from previous step to an archive file (ZIP or TAR).


Any input file provided from the previous step.


ZIP or TAR archive (based on options) containing the file from the previous step.


  • inputFileDst = destination of the file inside the archive (POSIX-like path including filename)

  • (optional) type = whether to produce zip or tar (defaults to zip)

  • (optional) compression = compression method to be used (none, gzip, bzip2, lzma; defaults to none)

  • (optional) compressionLevel = value specifying level of compression (0 to 9; defaults to 9)

  • (optional) format = only for tar it allows to specify format (ustar, gnu, pax; defaults to pax)


  • Currently, only a single file can be put into the produced archive.

  • Value of compressionLevel must be provided as a string (even though it is a numeric value).

  • For zip, zipfile standard library from Python is used.

  • For tar, tarfile standard library from Python is used.

  • For bzip2, if compressionLevel is set to 0, it is automatically fixed to value 1.


  "name": "archive",
  "options": {
    "type": "tar",
    "compression": "bzip2",
    "compressionLevel": "5",
    "format": "gnu",
    "inputFileDst": "example/file.html"