We can share project with other DSW users or even external collaborators. We can access all the sharing option by clicking the Share button in the top right.


Project sharing settings.#

There are different roles how we can share the project that can access different project features:

Viewer Commenter Editor Owner
View project
View documents
Comment on project
Change answers
Version history
Create documents
Editor notes
Sharing settings
Project settings


Some of the following options might be globally disabled in the application settings for the whole DSW instance, therefore not visible on the project level.

The following video tutorial explains and showcases sharing options and tools that can be used while collaborating with others. Some features mentioned in the video are also explained in the project questionnaire.


We can choose specific users from the DSW instance and their role on the project to grant them access to project features based on the table above. This is a good way to add other collaborators that work together with us on the project. Also, this is the only way to add other project owners.

Visible by all other logged-in users#

We can enable the Visible by other logged-in users toggle to grant access to the project for all other users without the need to explicitly list them. Then, we can also choose what the users can do – view, comment, or edit the project. We cannot grant owner access this way though.

This can be useful, when we want to have an example project accessible by everybody. We can simply enable this and choose that other users can view the project. We also want to set this up when we create a project template.