Project List#

In the project list, we can see a list of all projects we have access to. Those are the projects where we were assigned to with any role or that are visible by all other logged-in users in the project sharing settings. The projects are filtered to those we are explicitly assigned to by default.


Project list with filters.#

We can search for specific projects using the search field or filter them using additional filters:

  • Project Template - if we want to see only project templates or regular projects

  • Project Tags - show only the projects that has specific tags assigned

  • Knowledge Models - show only the projects created from a specific knowledge model

  • Users - filter only the projects with specific users assigned to them


Note that some of the filters can be disabled based on the DSW instance settings or user role.

We can create a new project by clicking the Create button.

By clicking the triple dots on each of the item in the list we can access some actions:

  • Open project - will simply open the project

  • Create project from this template - will create a new project from the selected project template (this is only available if the project is also a project template)

  • Clone - will create the exact copy of the project

  • Create migration - will start a project migration

  • Delete - will delete the project (this action cannot be undone)

If there is an ongoing project migration, there are different actions:

  • Continue migration - to come back to the ongoing project migration

  • Cancel migration - to cancel the ongoing project migration

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