After navigating to Locales (under Administration), we can browse and manage a list of locales in the DSW instance. Similarly to knowledge models and document templates, each locale has its unique identifier and version. Moreover, each locale has a language code specified. In the list we see the latest version and can quickly navigate to Locale Detail (which includes also older versions) by clicking the locale name or selecting View detail from the right item menu of the desired row.

There is always the English locale (wizard:default:1.0.0) which is embedded and cannot be deleted. For others, we can use Export and Delete options from the right item menu.

Another option is to switch other locale to be the default one using Set default action. The default locale will be used if there isn’t an available locale that matches the user’s preferences (explicit or implicit from the web browser). We can Disable or Enable locales except the default one (which must be enabled).

If there is a locale with newer version available in the DSW Registry (and if configured), update available clickable badge may appear. Finally, we can use Import to Import Locale and Create to Create Locale.


We support community of DSW translators by managing the repository ds-wizard/wizard-client-locales and service for translating using web browser localize.ds-wizard.org.


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