Document Submission Settings#

If we enable the Document Submission feature, users will be able to see Submit option for their documents. After selecting it, they will be prompted to select a service compatible with the document where they want to submit it.

Each service must have its own ID (recommended is to use lowercase alphanumeric symbols and dash symbols). Then, we can set human-readable Name and Description (Markdown-enabled) to clarify for users what is this service and in what cases they should use it. We also need to specify the Supported Formats, for each we need to select a document template, its version, and the desired format. Finally, we configure how the document is sent to the external service, the request may contain some User Properties (users will be able to set values for them in their user profiles) and it is a HTTP request with a specific Method, sent to the URL, possibly with HTTP Headers. The very last option is to check whether the file should be sent as Multipart (with its own File Name) instead of plainly in the request body. Most of this configuration should be specified by the external submission service.


In case we will update the document template used in Supported Formats, we should verify that it is still suitable for the submission service and if yes, then add it as a new entry under Supported Formats.