Knowledge Model List#

As data stewards and admins, we can manage the knowledge models that are in our DSW instance. Then, researchers are using and browsing the knowledge models. We can access the list of knowledge model from the main menu via Knowledge Model. The list can be filtered and sorted by name or creation date.

For each knowledge model (KM), we can see the latest version in the list. If we want to read more about a specific KM or see the older versions, we need to access the Knowledge Model Detail by clicking the name of KM or clicking Open from the right item menu (three dots). There are also other options for each item:

  • Preview to see how Projects generated using this KM would look like.

  • Export for exporting the latest version of the KM as a file.

  • Create KM editor is a shortcut for Create Knowledge Model Editor for creating a new version.

  • Fork KM is again a shortcut for Create Knowledge Model Editor for to create a fork (some more specific KM based on this one).

  • Create project is a shortcut to Create Project with this KM.

  • Set deprecated or Restore for setting a KM deprecated when we no longer want the researchers to use it.

  • Delete for all versions of the KM (possible only if is not used in any projects or linked in other KMs and editors).


The options in the item menu are based on the role of a current user, e.g. a researcher cannot create KM editor.

For data stewards and admins, update available may appear if there is a newer version of the knowledge model in the DSW Registry (and if configured).

Finally, there is an option to Knowledge Model Import by click the Import button in the top right part of the screen.


List of all knowledge models with actions.#

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