DSW Registry Settings#

In this settings, we can configure a connection to DSW Registry that will allow import of various content (Knowledge Models, Document Templates, and Locales) to our DSW instance.

Upon enabling the DSW Registry option, we are prompted to enter a Token. It can be obtained either by direct registration in the DSW Registry<https://registry.ds-wizard.org> or through clicking Sign up button. After clicking the button, we will need to enter details about organization (it is prefilled from Organization Settings) and email address to which the confirmation will be sent (prefilled by email of the current user). Then, after clicking a link in the confirmation email, the token will be prefilled automatically. After having the token filled in either way, we can Save the settings.

After successfully setting the DSW Registry, we will see option to import from it for Knowledge Models, Document Templates, and Locales.


The Token value is encrypted in the database.