Step: weasyprint#

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Transformation step that converts HTML file from previous step to PDF using WeasyPrint.


Gets HTML file from the previous step (otherwise it fails).


Always results in a PDF file (application/pdf) with file extension .pdf.


  • (optional) render.presentational_hints = whether HTML presentational hints are followed (default: False)

  • (optional) render.optimize_size = specify what should be optimized ('', 'fonts', 'images', 'fonts,images', default: 'fonts')

  • (optional) render.forms = whether PDF forms have to be included (default: False)

  • (optional) pdf.zoom = zoom value as a floating number (default: '1')

  • (optional) pdf.variant = a PDF variant name

  • (optional) pdf.version = a PDF version number

  • (optional) pdf.custom_metadata = whether custom HTML metadata should be stored in the generated PDF


  • Check the official WeasyPrint documentation and examples for more information.


  "name" : "weasyprint",
  "options" : {
    "render.optimize_size": "fonts,images",
    "render.forms": "True",
    "pdf.zoom": "1.2"