Project Templates#


Only the data stewards or admins can create project templates.

When creating a new project, we need to choose a knowledge model and optionally select some question tags. After the project is created, we should also choose a default document template and format to enable preview. It can be overwhelming for new researchers to set up everything when they are new to all this.

Project templates are special type of projects where we can set up everything – choose a knowledge model and question tags, set up default document template, pre-fill some answers, add TODOs, comments or editor notes. Researchers can then pick from these project templates when creating a new project. The new project will be the exact copy of the project template so they don’t have to set those things themselves and they have an easier start to their data management planning.

When we want to turn a project into a project template we need to go to the project settings and check the Project Template checkbox.

Sharing the Project Templates#


Project templates follow the same rules for sharing as regular projects. Therefore, to make it available for other users, we need to set up proper sharing settings.

We can either share them with specific users only, or we can simply enable that the project template is visible by all other logged-in users and that they can only view it (as we do not want them to change it).

External Resources#